Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What Happened To Miley Cyrus? - Mango Popsicle Recipe

I started my day today reading news and what popped out were Miley Cyrus' performance in the Video Music Awards. She was in a skimpy bikini, she was sticking her tongue out, and gyrating her bum closer to a fellow performer, at the chagrin of the audience. I cringe looking at the pictures and asked, " What happened to this kid?, What will her parents feel about this latest antics?"I need not look further and watch the video attached to the article to see more provocativeness in the performance.

As I was driving my daughter to school, I found an opportunity to ask her about the pictures. Fortunately, she had not seen it, as we do not have cable in the house. I started the discussion on how Miley's behaviour and the way she dressed lowered her reputation, and on how people, no matter what, initially judge character  based on what they see. Let's face it. People judge the book by its cover first. We judge people on how they represent themselves through their clothing, speech and actions. And that's what happened to me. I judge Miley on what I had seen.I know it is not right to judge her for I do not know her,but her message on that performance cannot be ignored and a very teachable moment. My daughter was very attentive about the discussion and the topic.I hope that she learned from it.

Being a parent, it bothers me when my daughter might go to a wrong path, so I always teach my children based on what they are exposed of - the media. I love dropping my daughter to school because it is in the car where I usually get her full attention; and the Miley topic is just a perfect way for her to learn life's lesson on how to represent oneself. During the discussion, she listened because Miley Cyrus is a known fixture in the society. And her behaving wildly is an opportunity for me to teach lesson on decency.

Although I do not know Miley Cyrus' parents, but I somehow knew, they are  affected on how their daughter behaved. Wild, carefree, rich, entitled  and acting crazily in the performance just to prove a point is not what I want for my children. I would rather have my children live a simple and kind life that be like Miley Cyrus.Every good parents want their children to bring something good to the world. In our prayer time, I always pray that my children will become good people in the society. So for Miley Cyrus' parents, I say a prayer to them and for Miley as well. I hope she knows what she is doing and I hope her life is not as trashy as it looks.

1 cup sliced mango
1 cup milk
1 tbsp fresh lemon
2 tbsp of condensed milk


Put all the ingredients in the blender. And blend thoroughly.
Transfer mixture in the Popsicle mold and freeze.
Serve when it is hard.

In order to remove the Popsicle from the mold, put a warm water in a container and dip the mold until the Popsicle is loose.

Serve and Enjoy!

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