Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blackberry Pie

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I did mention in my last post that I have a bunch of blackberries stock in my fridge, right? So right now, I am making a pie out of it. I  am a big fan of Paula Deen so it is just normal that I used her pie recipe. Since you have been reading this blog, I assume that you love food and you have watched food network, somehow. So Paula doesn't need a big introduction. Take note. I called her by the first name basis since she is actually close to me. Not really in a personal face to face talk basis, but a one sided kind. Where I  watch her from  afar and adore her, you know. She is I think a survivor. She has really bad experiences in her life yet she triumph out of it. you can read her life here: I love Paula Deen ( Paula if somehow, somewhere you read this post, I want to meet you in person). I love her so much, she is in my I Pod's playlist. No, she did not release a singing album just the  interview. Last year, she was interviewed in a Success magazine and there was a free audio inside it. As faithful fan as I am, I downloaded that interview. The interview was so funny that I played it a million times - while driving and while jogging. Though she is embroiled with racial controversies, I am still a supporter. ( As of this writing, she was dismissed from her racial claims lawsuit. ) So here it is. Paula Deen's recipe. If you notice that the blackberry you got is sour, skip the lemon part and it will still be good.

Please skip the lemon if the blackberries you've got are sour
Although I want to make my original recipe, I am really very bad with baking so I do not have any original recipe for it. So, this recipe is adapted from food network.


1)  6 cups blackberries

2)  1 cup sugar
3)   3 tbsp cornstarch
4)  1 teaspoon lemon juice

5)  1/2 teaspoon grated lemon zest

6)  2 disks refrigerated pie dough (one 14-ounce package)
7)  2 tablespoons unsalted butter, diced
8)  1 large egg


Pre heat oven to 400 F
Toss  in ingredients 1 to 5  in a large bowl and mix together until lightly mashed. Set aside.
Get the first pie dough and place it in a pie pan
Cut the other pie dough into straight line or whatever design you prefer.
When done put the blackberry mixture in the pan lined with pie dough.
Place the diced butter on top.
Cover the mixture with the cut pie dough forming a lattice (as shown above)
Scramble egg and brush it on top of the lattice. This will result in shiny and brown look of the pie.

Bake for 40- 45 minutes or until the pie is bubbling.

Serve and Enjoy!

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