Thursday, July 18, 2013

Avocado Smoothie

I love smoothie for breakfast. I think it is healthy and filling. It is also quick to prepare. My daughter's breakfast is usually fruit smoothie. There are so many recipes out there on how to make one, but this is the recipe on how my daughter and I like our smoothie.I do not put sugar,  nor yogurt. Yogurt makes the smoothie sour and my children does not like it, so when I buy it, it just spoils. If you prefer your smoothie cold, go ahead and add ice in it. You can also add 1 container of yogurt if you like yogurt. If you like your smoothie sweet, you can also add sugar. Just explore...


1 medium size avocado
1 banana
2 cups milk ( for my smoothie, I use 2 percent milk)
1/2 tsp sugar ( I prefer my smoothie without sugar yet I think it is still good)

Serve and Enjoy!

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