Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beef Hamburger

 My son loves burger so much. He eats it with a bun but more on rice, for breakfast. It is weird but it is how he likes it, so be it. My daughter however, have her particular way on eating burger. It has to be arranged in a certain way and the mayonnaise rubbed in particular way. Very anal, right? I know, that is why when I make burger, she has to fix it herself. A little less load for me. For myself, I want the mayonnaise and ketchup mix together and I want avocado in it. I am not a big fan of lettuce but since the member of my family have certain ways to eat burger, I just compromise and get on. My husband however, does not mind. He just eats what is serve. Thank goodness!


1 lb ground beef
2 tbs soy sauce
1/4 tsp salt ( taste it as you go along and base the saltiness to your liking)
1 clove garlic (minced)
1 small size onion (minced)


Mix all ingredients and form into burger shape.
Fry ( you can grill it or broil it if you choose)

To assemble:

Burger wheat buns
Lettuce ( optional)
2 tbsp mayonnaise mixed with 2 tbsp ketchup
Cheese of your choice ( in the photo, I used swiss. Left over from Vegetable Panini)
Avocado ( optional)

Rub bun with mayonnaise and ketchup
Put letuce
Place the burger on top of lettuce, followed by cheese of your choice, onion,tomato and avocado ( optional )

Serve and Enjoy

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