Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rocky Mountain National Park-Colorado

           I just arrived from our annual vacation and I must say that this vacation is so worth it.We did not really plan it but my husband got a free time from work so we decided to take a breather from Kansas' heat.  We were planning to go to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton but we opted out because we only have a week to spare. We decided Rocky Mountain National Park-Colorado.

        With a very short notice, I was lucky enough to book in  Aspen Glen campsite which had one site available - site number 19 this reservation cost me $40.00 for two nights.  I was also able to book a cabin called Fawn Valley Inn  that costed me $ 537.00 for three nights. If we had reserved earlier, it could have been cheaper.

     We left on June 29 and I was worried how our campsite will look like since there was really no info about it anywhere in Google. Since it was the only campsite not taken,I had doubts about it. When we arrived however,  the site was very clean. Excellent in fact. Camp number 19 was excellent in so many ways: it is not direct in the sun early mornings, so I  cooked our meals without glare, it is also overlooking the mountain. the site was raised enough on a hill that the stars looked very reachable.It was also very quite. It was also close to the River Falls entrance which was only 8 minutes away from our cabin. I checked the other site and I noted that camps 15- 20 are the better ones.The rest were poorly located. I had some pictures below to document the experience.Next week I will blog some more about this trip.

My kids were trying to help out.

Husband is pitching the tent.

This is the mountain which  we see when we get up 

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