Friday, August 23, 2013

Chicken Salad - A Little Kindness Goes A Long way

I had been on my edge for the last two weeks now. With my clinical which never came then my license probation. Nope. I did not do anything bad. I just have some issues regarding my continuing education credits which almost drove me crazy. I am a Radiologic Technologist by profession. I have two licenses for it but I am not working as a Rad Tech. You see, I have been a stay at home mom for two years now. But I always tried to keep my license since it is a big part of who I am and it is one of my big accomplishments. So while staying home, I am taking classes for it to stay active. This March, some classes that I reported were not approved, and my license has been noted as under probation. I have to meet certain requirements or else I will lose it this month, August 31st. 

So I took classes this summer, from June 10 to August 15 , but it looks like the board were not satisfied of just receiving my note that I have done it. They wanted proof, which is just appropriate. But I was hoping they will take my documentation that I did well in the class since I am so tight with time. Also school  records will be released by the 17th. Boy, I am starting to panic. Plus my problem with the clinical schedule, I have been so upset! I have been burning my phone calling all the necessary people with regards to this... I got my grades online and sent the office unofficial transcript and they still did not lift the probation... Now, I am getting crazy! 

I called the board again today and there was this girl named Natalie. I have to ask her up front to look at my unofficial records and tell me if it is enough to meet the requirements to lift the probation. She said, " Wait a minute, okey ?" She said the last word OK  sooooo gently that when I heard the music in the background, I was literally sobbing.  All the desperation just poured out.She said OK so kindly. OK never sounded so great. She came back on the phone and said  that they accepted the report and will lift the probation as soon  as today. Gosh, I was so haaaaaaaaappppppy! This girl is a bearer of hope. I consider her an an angel.

One thing that struck me the most is how a little kindness can go a long way. I tend to use my words and my voice haphazardly that I may not know their effects to other.. This Natalie girl, she just accomplished her purpose today. She brought good news that my probation has been lifted, she inspired me to try to speak sweetly and she made me realize to be kind at all times... Natalie, I may not know you, but may God Bless you.

For Boiling Chicken
1 cup Water
1/2 tbsp salt
5 pcs of the frozen sliced chicken breast in the groceries

1/4 cup celery
1/4 cup carrots
1 box raisins
1 tsp sugar
1/2 cup light mayonnaise

Boil chicken breast with water and salt until cook. Let the chicken cool down then shred in a large bowl. Add in the last 4 ingredients and mix.

For Serving:

You can use croissant, sliced bread or Pita pockets or you can eat it by itself. I noticed that it gets watery the next day, so I suggest to make just enough for you. This recipe is good for 4 sandwiches.

Serve and Enjoy

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