Thursday, September 26, 2013

What Not to Do in the Morning - My Way

Today is the perfect day to start living your dreams

My husband wakes up earlier than me because he has a job. So pretty much, I do not know what is his routine in the morning. As far as I know, he makes his morning coffee, gets his lunch, which I prepared the night before, kiss us all goodbye and off to work he goes.

One morning,  I was woken up by my relentless coughing and I was not able to go back to sleep. I grabbed the Ipad and read my morning news which contain all these gory news you can find about the world plus some entertainment news in it which make this site more horrible. My daughter described  it is the most depressing news site she ever saw. I agree. But this has been a really bad habit for a long time  that it has been so difficult to shake it off. Gratefully, I was able to wean myself out of it.

When my husband woke up, I ask him if he wants to use the Ipad, and he said yes.I gave it to him and I was surprised that he opened something surprising. He opened the apps and went to Inspirations. This is an app that he downloaded to the ipad which contains daily Bible verses with very beautiful landscapes in it.

Aha! so this is one of his rituals everyday. Inspirations app.

You see, my husband is a very positive person, which is contrary to me. Opposites really do attract, huh!  He is very successful on whatever he does, he is peaceful and calm.My children respects him. He makes friends with quality people. He says something and he stands by it. These are the reasons I respect him . Oftentimes, I want to morph into his character. As I watch him reading the verses, I thought this might be the reason his days are always flowery. Contrary from my days, that are always mediocre. I was so inspired by this that I vowed to do the same - Instill my day with God's word first and maybe, my days will become merry too.

Seeing this, I was inspired to write what not to do at the beginning of my day. These are just the simple tools that  I learned based from my experiences and what I observed from my husband. These are just the things that worked for me and may not work for you. We can always learn from each other, so if you have rituals in the the morning that helped you gear for the day, please share.

My Don't s in the AM

Do not read entertainment news, just yet. If you are addicted to it like me, set that aside for later or not read them at all. From my experience, reading this kind  of  news can bring havoc on your day You cannot help but get irritated of these actors and actresses who in spite of their successes, they harm themselves with addiction.

Do not scamper around. Prepare everything a day before. I actually had this one nailed down. I prepare my husband's lunch the night before so that I do not have to worry about it. I also wake up a little bit earlier so that I can plan the day's activities. I also make sure everything are all ready for my children.

Do not look at the living room. Well, this is trick I need to master. It annoys me so much to see that those throw pillows on the couch are not arrange well.

Before I go to sleep, I make sure that those throw pillows are comfy and are on their proper sides on the couch. But for some reason  that  I cannot put my finger on, in the morning, those throw pillows are not anywhere near to where I intended them to be.What I am trying to say is: try to ignore the chaos in the house or do not sweat the small stuff.

Do not open your Facebook account just yet.I do no check my Facebook early in the morning. All those travels that your friends went and all those shoes and new clothes that they got can just make you jealous and think how lucky they are to not be you. The Bible says, Jealousy rots the bone. I purposely cut my Facebook time for this reason. Now, I only use Facebook to talk to my family in the Philippines and keep in touch with my friends and post on what is cooking in my kitchen.

Do not eat heavy breakfast. I know so many people eat heavy breakfast to energize them throughout the day. But this does not work for me. Eating heavy breakfast, for me, is just a permission to eat more food throughout the day. So it is a no, no.  We eat light breakfast in my household. That is why I bake light breads and cakes for my husband and smoothie for my daughter and I.

Yup, those are the simple things that I do not do for my own sake. Next time, I am going to post My Dos in the Morning.So stay tuned.

In the meantime, I am going to share to you one of the smoothies that I prepare for my daughter and I. There a so many variations on how to prepare smoothies and this is one of those. Before you make this, make sure that you freeze the banana. It just gave a cooling effect as you sip your smoothie by using a straw. I usually slice the banana into bite size pieces and freeze them so they are ready to use when I need them.

Watermelon - Kiwi and Frozen Banana Smoothie

1 cup coarsely chopped seeded/seedless watermelon
1 kiwi fruit, peeled and cut into pieces
2 ice cubes
1 ripe banana, frozen and cut into chunks
1/4 cup chilled apple juice

Place all ingredients in  the blender and blend until smooth. Pour mixture into glass and enjoy!

NOTE: I usually use fresh apple juice by using a juicing machine. If you do not have the machine, you can use the bottled apple juice.

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