Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Yosemite National Park

Half  Dome
We had the pleasure of visiting Yosemite National Park when we lived in Bend, Oregon. The drive was 12 hours but it was fun because the long drive  became a form of bonding moment for the kids and as a family. I believe that travel can widen my children's imagination and broaden their experiences. We also opt to go to nature parks so that the kids will be able to appreciate the power of God through the beauty of nature. Even though if it is inconvenient financially, I always allocate money for each year's vacation. We do not vacation luxuriously. We usually stay in a tent for it is cheaper. I also want the children to experience life without electricity and computer, so they can experience how a simple life feels like. Speaking for myself, every time I go to nature vacation, my faith grows more. And I tend to appreciate God's blessing and kindness for allowing me to experience the beautiful sites that I see and sites that I visited. When we camped in Oregon however, it is similar to test of faith since it gets so cold and moist at night there and it was always uncomfortable. It was wiser to rent a yurt. :) I know. I just contradicted myself  but I will share about some of our unfortunate camping experience in Oregon in later posts. But for now, enjoy Yosemite National Park.

Giant Sequoia Tree with opening in the middle

Top of Vernal Falls. My leg were shaking after the climb

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